What changes can offer

An introductory session to Voice

E.g. A community sector network in Staffordshire invited changes to give a brief overview of Voice to inter-agency partners. This took the form of an hour and a half presentation with opportunity for questions.

E.g. NAVCA invited us to a meeting of their Improving Local Partnerships Team, to spend 3 hours with them. We gave an introductory overview of both Voice and echo which still allowed time for some questions and discussion! We were invited to deliver something similar for Inspire East (Regional Empowerment Network).

Support for groups to work with the Voice Handy Guide

This can take a variety of forms, e.g. we co-facilitated a half day session for community centre management committees, introducing Voice and encouraging them to have a first go at using it to plot their position of influence. We also ran a full day session for a police Independent Advsiory Group which moved them to the point of planning actions to increase their influence.

Support to use Voice as an assessment tool and as a development tool

changes has developed and produced further resources to enable facilitators and support workers to get the most from Voice. These resources are available to people who have been on the 2-day facilitators training.

Training for facilitators

E.g. A local Community Empowerment Network commissioned changes to design and deliver a 2 day training course for facilitators in and around their local area to build up a groundswell of people able to support community groups and networks to use Voice to assess and increase their level of influence on public agencies and partnerships

As part of our work with bassac, we are due to deliver 2-day facilitator courses in the North East and London to community anchors.

Action research sessions on echo

As part of our work with ‘Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands’ changes is working with a range of agencies in the region to test the echo framework and assess how open they are to community influence.

Support to work with the echo framework

E.g. changes will be using echo (and Voice) as part of the Black Country Take Part Pathfinder with a cross section of public agencies in one area. We will also be delivering 2 day facilitator training.