What changes can offer

Our most recent work has been around illustrating the value of community engagement – working with a registered Social Landlord to develop a framework which illustrates the value to tenants and residents and the value to the business of their neighbourhood work. This has some cross-over with an SROI (Social Return on Investment) study but is something that, ultimately the organisation can undertake themselves – as frequently – or not – as suits their purpose. This was developed as a piece of consultancy, we can – of course – do other things:

  • Training
    •  clarifying the purpose and process of engagement activities, issues and solutions around engagement and skills to engage
  • Facilitation
    • action research sessions around ‘developing empowering approaches to engagement’
    • workshops with cross sectoral partners to identify common understandings of community engagement and ‘empowering engagement’
  • Consultancy
    • support to develop a strategy for engaging with communities
    • advice on community engagement toolkits
    • developing appropriate guidelines for community engagement
    • supporting agencies and partnerships to work with a community engagement ‘journey planner’
  • Evaluation – of community engagement projects