What changes can offer

Reports on community empowerment which can help you to understand what community empowerment is and how you can actually put it into practice – see our ‘resources’ page.

Facilitated workshops to explore what community empowerment means in the context of your work and how you can embed it in what you do. This can help to develop common understandings of community empowerment across sectors and help partners to understand how community empowerment can become a central theme of a community engagement strategy

Training (public and bespoke courses)

  • to understand how individuals, groups and organisations can work in empowering ways
  • to use the DiCE framework to plan and evaluate community empowerment and community wellbeing

Evaluation – of community empowerment projects or programmes. This includes developing evaluation frameworks to identify levels of impact and influence

Consultancy to support you to take a community empowerment approach to your work