‘Consultancy’ can be seen as an umbrella term for all our work, as it is about bringing particular areas of knowledge and experience to your work for a specified time or ‘project’.

It encapsulates those contracts which are multi-faceted or one-offs.

It is about bringing experiences from other places, other organisations and different parts of the country.

For changes, the term ‘consultancy’ helps to acknowledge the advisory work that we do in addition to straight-forward paying contracts. We help potential clients to think through what they want and/or need; we offer follow up support – particularly to people working with the different frameworks we produce, we even help past clients and course participants to prepare for job interviews!

It also differentiates us from temporary staff. Consultancy is about bringing something additional to the mix. We want to get the best results that we can for you – our experience tells us that you can help by:

  • having a clear idea of what you want to achieve and why
  • keeping engaged with the work – understanding what is happening and why – asking questions of us and keeping in touch
  • being receptive to what we find out and what we tell you – we’re not saying we always have the only view, but we will be honest with you
  • recognising the barriers and issues we may face in the work and working with us to get the very best from situations
  • managing the work – clarifying respective roles and responsibilities at the start and having clear expectations of us so we all know what we are doing

In addition to all this, our approach to consultancy is to share different approaches, tips and tricks that we have learned from other contracts.

What our clients say about our consultancy

changes bring an abundance of creative ideas, pragmatic thinking, critical insight and effective action to the work we do together. They are also flexible, reliable, trustworthy and fun”.
– Ruth Townsley, Development Manager, Locality

“At Wolverhampton Partnership we commissioned changes to deliver our community engagement learning programme (CELP). They worked with us to completely revamp the programme, building on the good work that had been developed previously, including a recent training needs analysis. The proposal that changes put forward for developing the programme was innovative and creative. It built on the community development approach many organisations in the City had been delivering for many years and it harnessed the skills, knowledge and commitment of partner agencies who worked together to develop the CELP. As a result we have trained our own group of trainers to deliver the programme”.
– Sam Axtell, Consultation and Community Involvement Officer, Wolverhampton City Council

“I have been working with changes for over three years and I continue to be in awe of the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm that Sal, Sue and Jill bring to their work. It is a privilege to be a client of changes, because they work in such an open and honest way, with a deep passion for and understanding of their fields of expertise. changes consultancy is distinct from all other consultancies I have experienced because they bring insights developed through their other work and willingly share their reflections and learning. Most of all, they have applied their imagination to contracts we have given them – delivering results far beyond and different to what I first thought possible.”
– Lorna Prescott, Senior Development Officer, Dudley CVS

“I have had the opportunity to learn from changes on several occasions – as a participant in a number of training workshops and as a consultancy client when I was developing our latest Sustainable Community Strategy.  The knowledge and expertise changes brings to the table is invaluable.  It’s a bit more like fun than work but they do provide challenge and focus to any process – they don’t only ask the ‘so what’ question – they ask you to prove it too!”
– Carol Drury, Community Engagement and Policy Development Officer at South Kesteven District Council