Women Take Part

New ImageIn 2007- 2008 changes undertook research for the Government Equalities Office to produce guidance on models, approaches and resources which can be used to encourage, equip and support women who are currently under represented, to become more active, both formally and informally, in governance structures and other aspects of both civic and civil life.

Here you can download:

  • Closing the Gap: executive summary
  • Closing the Gap: final report – is a report on the findings of the Women Take Part project supported by the Government Equalities Office and the Department for Communities and Local Government, highlighting what needs to be done to encourage more women to play an active role in civic and civil life.

And associated reports:

  • Women Take Part: Organisations and Structures – outlining a four-stage model of organisational journeys towards a genuine willingness to change, take risks and do things differently to increase gender parity and equality within their organisation.
  • Women Take Part: Learning, Support and Development – specific initiatives to encourage and support more women to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to enter and stay in public life.
  • Women Take Part: Women in Governance Focus Group – hosted by the Gender and Participation Unit at Manchester Metropolitan University. The purpose of the focus group was to learn from the journeys, experiences and perceptions of women currently active in governance roles; exploring the main barriers, motivations and support women have when getting involved and becoming active in civic and civil life, and hearing participants’ ideas for ways to encourage and support other women to become more involved and take up similar roles.
  • Women Take Part: Where are all the women in the voluntary and community sector? This report is based on two focus groups, one in Bath & North East Somerset and one in Cornwall, exploring women’s involvement in small Voluntary and Community Groups. The focus groups were organised by the South West Foundation