DiCE: planning & evaluation

Dice royalty freeResearched for over 10 years, DiCE has been developed by community development specialists, to enable organisations to carry out effective community empowerment, putting the values and principles of community development into action.

DiCE can help you work with communities:

  • Increasing skills, knowledge and confidence
  • Promoting equality and inclusion
  • Bringing people together around common issues and concerns
  • Building positive relationships across communities and groups and enabling co-operative working
  • Encouraging and enabling communities to influence decision making in public services

DiCE can be used for work which focuses on community wellbeing and community empowerment, at policy, programme or project level. It is appropriate to people who work in public and voluntary sectors, in roles such as: Community Engagement, Community Services, Neighbourhood Management, Member Services, Community Development, Environmental Services, Partnership Development, Transport coordination, Housing Services, Civil Renewal, Cultural Services…

Here you can download:
A 2-page information leaflet

An example of DiCE in action – an oldy but a goody!