Section one

Delivery of outputs

Frameworks to plan and evaluate ‘community influence’ 


Working with groups from the women and girls sector

Active Learning for Active Citizenship Report

National Framework for Active Learning for Active Citizenship

Taking Part  – NIACE publication (Chapter 11)

Four Essential Ingredients

Five Community Empowerment Dimensions

Closing the Gap Report

The Lisbon Papers (p6 – 15)

Practice Insights – IACD Conference report (p20)

Evaluation Work and expertise in a range of research methods

Community Research: Getting Started

Other examples of evaluation work

DiCE Evaluation Framework

Reflection on the Tin – Reflective Practice Resource

Focus Groups Handout



Section two – currently available to share

Whenever we can we like to share resources which may be useful to people. It seems such a shame to keep them under wraps when so much work has gone into them. Often, they have been commissioned by clients who are happy for us to share the learning and information more widely. Occasionally we spend our own time developing them, or they come together organically over a period of time, drawing on various aspects of our work.

Follow the links on the right for specific areas of our work – the ones with (IACD) in brackets indicate that they complement our ‘Women and Leadership’ workshop at the 2014 International Association for Community Development Conference.

Black Country Take Part Evaluation report

Citizenship typology (IACD)

Dispersed leadership

DUO – 2 page leaflet

echo 2-page leaflet

History of Community Development – an alternative look

Impact evaluation report (IACD)

Inspiring Democracy – an online resource

Model of change (IACD)

Reflective Practice – part of our ‘on the tin’ series

Voice Handy Guide

Voice – 2 pager 

What is community empowerment?

Women, Leadership & Participation (IACD)

Women Take Part reports

Working in Inclusive Ways – part of our ‘on the tin’ series


We would like to know when you use these resources, what happens and any developments that arise for you – it helps to keep us, and our resources, up to date and is all we ask in return for their free use.