Our approach

Facilitators, trainers, researchers, consultants

We motivate people to think, question and delveWorkshop

  • we develop frameworks, rooted in practice, to help managers and practitioners think through, and work with, concepts such as ‘community engagement’, community empowerment’ and ‘influence
  • we are involved in national structural and strategic issues, as well as local delivery issues. We get useful intelligence and want to give something back, put something on the table and influence policy

We recognise the importance of relationship building

  • when we have funding for research we invite appropriate clients to work with us to test ideas, and develop their work
  • we volunteer at a national, regional and local level where we feel our input is useful and valued: for example – on the Board of Urban Forum and Community Development Exchange; local Age Concern Organisation; local neighbourhood planning group and community initiatives
  • we facilitate workshops and speak at conferences and seminars
  • we work with partners to write and produce handy guides and resources
  • we share resources on our website, via blogs and communication with clients and participants at events

We focus on quality of process, content and end product

  • we work in a creative developmental way
  • ethics are crucial to us – and social justice underpins all of our work and the approaches we take
  • we don’t just deliver contracts – we apply thinking!
  • we are honest, and clear about what is possible, and what we can – and will – do
  • we are not staff replacements – we expect our clients to do their bit!
  • we challenge people to think about equalities – in a supportive way
  • we ask the awkward questions – in the nicest way!

We share ideas and responsibilities

  • we use peers to review and improve our work, our products and our thinking
  • we want to develop the ‘field’, develop good practice and share ideas
  • we bring the issues that we are working around to different forums – as appropriate
  • we see ourselves as partners in a process with our clients and the people we work with
  • we produce materials to explain concepts and aid understanding and practice