About us

We are experienced facilitators, trainers, researchers and consultants who work across sectors and geography: Locally with community groups, to develop frameworks rooted in their experience; Regionally, with regional organisations and initiatives; Nationally – with voluntary sector organisations and government departments to research and develop resources.

We work in a way which:

  • recognises issues of power
  • encourages knowledge and learning to come from participants in the process
  • encourages critical discussion and debate
  • is set to achieve outcomes, challenge the status quo and find creative ways forward.

Making our work accessible

When we can, we do ‘deals’ to help people access our work, we negotiate different approaches to help budgets and timetables and, on occasion, we work without charge. This is usually when we can see particular benefits for individuals, groups or organisations, and relationships have been built, for example – in recent times we have:

  • supported groups and individuals to make best use of the frameworks they have learned about on our courses via ongoing telephone and email support
  • facilitated free follow up sessions for the Voice and echo frameworks
  • helped work to move forward once it has started – sitting in on sessions and advising after our contract was finished
  • worked in partnership with other organisations, donating our time to put on an event
  • reciprocated time donated by people contributing to research, donating our time, alongside others
  • volunteered our time as Board members to national and local organisations