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Community engagement – value for money?

At a recent team meeting we found ourselves talking about value for money – not surprising perhaps in a time when everyone is trying to buy twice as much with half the resources they used to have. Our conversations strayed around a bit and always came back to the same no-brainer: if we work in empowering ways, we are so much more likely to have greater outcomes for more people = value for money put in!

And … if we are working with others then we are engaging in some manner or form – and we don’t want to get too distracted here by definitions of engagement. It all started to link up so – what started as a bit of a gripe about the dreadful ways in which some people communicate (or in fact don’t communicate – thinking about a recent experience of trying to sell a flat here and the untold frustration of some solicitors and estate agents) it seems completely ridiculous not to invest in an empowered workforce who understand how to work in empowering ways.

What started out as a conversation about developing some sort of generic guide to help this process ended (temporarily) as a completely re-written page on our website, so that’s a result. There is more thinking to be done and more/new/updated stories to add but for now – after 3 days of banging our heads together – we have the page!

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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 Community empowerment, Community engagement