A suite of resources – going ‘e’

… or perhaps it is a ‘nest’.

Over the past few years, we have consistently added online resources to help the people that we work with. Included in this are:

  • Our networking site – where anyone can sign in to network with others. Currently with over 250 members, the site has private groups for people who have taken part in particular training course, then open blogs and forums. There are monthly email updates to keep members in touch with new postings on the site
  • Policy Nutshell – originally set up to focus on health & social care this has now been broadened out to focus on all policy relating to community engagement. The idea is to capture the essence of changing policy and pull out the bits impacting on engagement with communities and post it all on the same site for ease of reference
  • Inspiring Democracy – a practical resource for local Councillors (which may also be of use and interest to VCS and Council officers) to change the way they work in response to changing policy – which basically means much more community engagement
  • Pinterest – where we have started to gather examples of our work, references to different aspects of our work and a selection of websites and resources we are looking at which may also be of interest to you
  • Core documents – this is the working title for an (as yet) incomplete online resource. It will draw together the common aspects of our frameworks – things like: exploring ‘what is community’, thinking about ‘community development’, exploring concepts of power, considering what we mean by ’empowerment’ and putting them together in a workbook format – watch this space for updates on how this is coming along, we hope to have it up and ready by the end of the year.

All in addition to this website which offers an overview of what we do, a bit about us and our clients, access to specific resources to download and signposts to the rest of it!

Saturday, August 11th, 2012 Community engagement

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