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Policy nutshell

Check out our latest resource – the policy nutshell where we will bring you bite-size pieces of useful informaton about the changing landscape for health and social care with a community,  patient and service user/carer engagement flavour.

To produce this resource, we have teamed up with Jan Smithies who has spent the last 2 years with The Health Inequalities National Support Team (HINST) – which was part of a Government programme to support local areas to promote equality and tackle inequalities in access to healthcare.

Jan will be working with us to develop seminars and workshops which explain and explore the ever-changing and complex world of health and social care, including Joint Strategic Needs Assessments,  Health & Wellbeing Boards,  Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategies,  Clinical Commissioning Groups,  Integrated  Health & Social Care,  Local Authority Commissioning,  Public Health  transition,  tackling health inequalities and the development of HealthWatch.

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 Community engagement, Equalities & Diversity