Dynamo – resistence or capacitor

We are having a fascinating time at the moment, having teamed up with colleagues from a City Council, a CVS and other private sector folk – to develop the Dynamo framework which is a tool to help individuals become more influential within their own organisation.

All members of the group are working without fees in a fantastic bit of collaboration which is both innovative and inspiring. The dynamo framework has been through its first pilot phase – with thanks to Wolverhampton City Council, South-West Forum and Community Development Exchange members in the West Midlands – and is currently being adapted and amended in response to feedback. It is due to go through second pilots in July.

The idea is to take a long hard look at the reality of what is getting in the way of you being influential – starting with the barriers that your organisation puts in the way. These might be about culture, priorities, management style, allegiances or finances. You then use a series of questions to consider what you can do to improve on this, work with it, go around it and generally push your case.

Dynamo looks like it will be useful to a whole range of audiences and will be flexible enough to apply in different ways – from self-assessment through to facilitated groups. We are playing around with presentational ideas at the moment and will have more news soon.

Thursday, May 5th, 2011 Uncategorized