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Voice and echo in practice

Types of organisations working with Voice include community groups and networks; Third Sector Partnerships; Neighbourhood managers; LINKs; Development Trusts; Refugee Support Network; Equalities Forum. The types of things people are using it for:
• An annual health check
• To report progress and aims for the coming year
• To write funding bids
• To help Parish Councillors to recognise their role in engagement
• To recognise and appreciate what different partners bring to the table
• To develop constructive arguments to put to funders
• To become more influential!

Echo is being used by Town and Parish Councils to assess the position of Councillors in participative/representative democracy; to shape delivery of comprehensive community engagement strategies; to review participation structures in a Children’s Trust and for a Commissioning Board; to consider Housing management’s openness to community influence; to guide processes of community asset transfer.

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Monday, September 20th, 2010 Community influence

First ever National Networking event for Voice and echo facilitators

This took place 8th September in Birmingham and was a great day – very buzzy, and an opportunity for people who have taken part in Voice and/or echo facilitator training to share their experiences, hopes and ideas. Let’s hope it becomes an annual event. Many thanks to Dosti for hosting it, Vanessa Randle for the graphic recording and Sue Challis for the photographs which can be viewed on our networking site.

Thursday, September 9th, 2010 Community influence