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What is Community Empowerment?

In 1996, the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) was contracted by the Department of Health and Social Services (Northern Ireland) to develop a system for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of community development practices and principles. This research and subsequent workshops in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and England resulted in a the ABCD (Achieving Better Community Development) framework for practitioners, designed to measure change in: people, the community, local services and policy. It offered measures of change for each of the ‘building blocks of community development’ identified by the research. These building blocks included ‘dimensions of community empowerment’ which have subsequently developed, through practice and application, into the five dimensions specified here.

Further research undertaken by changes as part of the National Empowerment Partnership programme of activity (2008) led to the development of an 8-page handy guide called What is community empowerment, produced jointly with the Community Development Exchange and written specifically for Local Authority Officers.

The guide uses the 5 Community Empowerment Dimensions featured in the DiCE (planning & evaluation) framework to offer and interpretation of community empowerment which is about putting the values of community development into practice.

If you like the guide, you might also be interested in the full DiCE framework, download our news sheet with more information or – contact us for details.

Friday, April 18th, 2008 Community empowerment