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Active Citizenship

changes consultants have been involved in developing the Take Part Learning Framework for active learning for active citizenship.

It is available to view and/or download – just click here: Take Part framework

The Framework has been designed to:

  • bring together current thinking and practice around citizenship learning and adults
  • emphasise the link between active learning and active citizenship
  • situate ‘citizenship’ within broad political and theoretical contexts
  • provide a resource – to use – and add to

It is for learning providers, educationalists, trainers and facilitators, policy makers, funders, community workers and planners who want to:

  • support education which strengthens democracy, governance and society
  • provide learning opportunities which reach out to people
  • take a learner-centred approach
  • encourage people to make a difference for themselves and others
  • engage more effectively with a wider range of people

The framework was developed by Jill Bedford (changes), Helen Marsh (London Civic Forum) and Dave Wright (Exeter CVS), following a two year pilot, Active Learning for Active Citizenship, funded by the Home Office. IMPACT! Women Active in Community and Public Life – mentioned elsewhere on this website – was the Black Country hub.

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006 Active citizenship