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What is community engagement all about?

We have been trying to find straight forward ways of explaining community engagement and the motivations for considering it… Imagine a street of houses – you want to ask 16 householders a question – if you just go around the houses and ask them you will get up to 16 different replies. πŸ˜‰

These replies will be largely concerned with that particular household – they won’t necessarily consider anyone else – and if they do, that view will likely be a perception – a guess about the concerns or issues facing others.

Alternatively – if you work with these 16 householders as a group – not only do they discuss and negotiate to reach a consensus on their collective priorities but it is likely that their discussion and their perception of what is possible will be much more sophisticated – and coherent. If you are working with them they should also get a realistic picture of the constraints that you are working within.

Similarly – just one person making connections with groups and communities in this way doesn’t cut it – their manager – and others – need to understand what they are doing, the motivations for doing it and what the benefits are to the organisation – micro and macro.

Monday, June 26th, 2006 Community engagement

Gender and Power: who runs Britain?

According to the Equal Opportunities Commission 2006 survey of women’s representation in positions of power, at the current rate it will take:

  • 20 years to achieve equality in civil service top management
  • 40 years to achieve an equal number of senior women in the judiciary
  • Up to 200 years – another 40 elections – to achieve an equal number of women in Parliament!!!

Download a copy of the Sex & Power report

Monday, June 26th, 2006 Equalities & Diversity